The Mission

In 2014 the Lord allowed us, the Ted Snyder family, to start a church plant in the city of Siguatepeque; which is located in the central mountains of the country of Honduras. We have been blessed to see the Lord begin a work in several lives and to watch him expand our ministries here in the Church, Igesia Bautista Independiente.

Through our local ministries and the Lord’s leading He has allowed us to bring five abandoned, homeless, young children into our home during our second year here in Honduras.  The Lord has blessed and several have already recovered from their extreme state of being malnourished, which they were in when they came to us. Today all are enjoying a stable, loving, home environment where they are growing, achieving, and recovering from the different situations each one had faced in the past.  Most importantly they are hearing the Word of God that we pray will spring up into everlasting life one day.

We are praying that with your help, this is only the beginning…