A Catch Up Post

I have been delinquent in keeping up with posts here, so here is one big catch up post, here goes.

The fasting and prayer for America was good and bad. I had some good times with the Lord but not enough for me.  The bad was several spiritual attacks which should have been expected but they still caught me off guard at times.  The result of the prayer time may not be seen in America, but should be seen in my heart and life as he turns me more to His will.

We have been traveling back and forth to the capitol to visit H and of course to maintain our visas. Baby H is doing better in the orphanage since our several complains to DINAF.  Her hair has grown back and is getting thicker, the best thing is her weight gain, 50% gain in two months, glad I’m not putting on that fast.  So that puts her at about 15lb. not really great for a 15 month old, but definitely in the right direction, finally.

Dawn and I had planned to announce a baby in our future, and we waited until the baby was 15 weeks in the womb before we started to tell people.  But alas at 16 weeks the Lord decided to take that little one to be with him.  The last year has been difficult on my wife because we were expecting when we came to Honduras and that one departed this world when we had been here only one week.  Then there was another baby that departed after only 2½ months in the womb, so we thought maybe this last one the Lord would let us keep, but the Lord knows what we need and how to make us what we need to be for his service here.

We have had a very bad case of strep throat going though our house, 8 of us so far.  None of our personal or your natural remedies have worked, but we have to praise God for modern medicine because amoxicillin has been our only cure.  Six of us just finish our course of meds and one (Alicia) just started on hers.  Yes,we are continuing with garlic and vitamins.

IMG_0018The pickup had to be in a mechanics shop(where they had to borrow our tools to work on it and they lost Matthew’s 3/8 ratchet), when it stopped going on the way to Tegucigalpa one day.  They repaired the main problem, but when they were done it only had 1st and 2nd gears. After we got the truck home we found one of the trany sensors unplugged and it has been working better every time we work on it.  So we only have a couple more small bugs and a differential to fix and it will be good as new.

We have agreed to leave our current rental house in January next year.  That along with having canceled Sunday services three times this year because of illnesses in the house, we thought maybe we would look for a piece of land to build on. However, my counselors and my Lord have said wait.  So we are looking for a room to hold meetings in, if you could pray about that we would appreciate it.  We would also like to find a better place to hold the Bible Club, but in the Canada area there is nothing.

The great news comes in the next two smaller posts, I think I should split this up because of attention spans?

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