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A School Kitchen

This morning we were asked by the school director and colonia president in Col. Canada  to help with a need for their school.  This colonia in Siguatepeque is one of the poorest areas around us.  The majority of the children are malnourished and lacking food to different degrees.

Over 70 of the children in Canada have attended our Bible Club this year, we have some people who attend church from here, and many friendships.  We teach the children from the Bible and serve them a small meal each Sunday afternoon. We try to help were we can, but these children need more.

The government here has offered to supply the food for the children to eat their meals during the school hours.  The mothers will take turns making the food and around 200 children will be served each day.  But, the school is in need of a small kitchen and serving window in order to make this possible.

At the moment we are unable to help with this need and would like to open it up to you all.  This kitchen will provide 200 kids with the food they need and empower many of them to study better, many of their bodies are basically in survival mode right now which does not allow their brains to process at their full potential.

If the Lord should lead you to help with this need, money can be sent via Paypal to,$purewords or a check to our mission board.  All money donated for this kitchen will be given to the building of it.

Thank you for all your investments in these children.

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