A Trip to the Mountains

On Monday we (myself and my sons Matthew and Ezra along with Felipe, Manuel, and Llovani) were able to take a trip up into some mountain villages and the city of La Libertad, to spread the good news of salvation in our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We were encouraged by the reception we received in, La Libertad, Ojo de Agua, La Trinidad, and Cerro Blanco.  One lady in Libertad, who was a believer,  thanked us for coming to spread the gospel in her town.  She said it was very needed and asked us to please come back.  We look forward to visiting these towns again soon.

Manuel in La Libertad

Manuel visiting a home in La Libertad.


A furniture store on the edge of town, nice beds.


A lot of the RC churches seem to be sporting a fresh coat of white and gold these days.


When Manuel gave  this man a tract, he took the time to  read it.


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