A Truck for the Lord’s Work

We were finally able to get the money transfer on Friday; and that afternoon Bro. Horton and I stopped to ask about a truck that did not have a for sale sign, but we suspected it might be for sale. We have been looking at 2001 to 2003 trucks because they are usually around L180,000 – L240,000. When we found out that this truck was a 2006 we were ready to leave, but the owner insisted that I test drive it, which I did and found everything working well. After we returned to the owner he dropped the price to L200,000 (~$10,000) because he wanted to be nice to us. After I explained that there would be no points with God by helping a missionary we agreed to that price. We were both dumbfounded that we bought a 2006 Ford F150 4×4 for that little, but God is good. We are so thankful for all the prayers and monetary aid. We used the truck Sunday morning to bring people to church and on Monday we picked up two young ladies from our hone church at the airport in San Pedro Sula. I believe we have enough money left to add bars around the bed for carrying people. I will feel much better about carrying people when they are secure inside.

A picture will follow.

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