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Changing Children’s Lives

Good evening friends! Just a little post to remind you all of some opportunities to sponsor our children, others here, & be a blessing to them! We praise the Lord for those of you who are already blessing us so much in this way.


We wrote of Angel (pictured above) last year as he began school at eight, not being able to read. Last year he made amazing progress in developmental areas, in spiritual things, and completed a year and a half of schooling in one. Next week he is excited to be off to forth grade and is very excited about it. Pray for him to continue to do well in his studies & grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus this coming year. 

We would also like you to pray with us for a sponsor or two for him. This money will help us with monthly school fees, school books, food, and clothing! {And of course some toys & things children need.}

We would also like to introduce to you a young girl of 12 years old. Her name is Saide and she lives in a mountain town & faithfully attends our Bible Study there. She finished sixth grade in her town last year. And like most people here, this was to be the end of her education. When we asked her parents if they would like to see her go father, they said yes, but with tears that there wasn’t money to do so.

Because of our gracious monthly supporters we were blessed to sign her up & purchase all of her needs for seventh grade. She will walk 25min or so each day and then from there catch the bus for a 35 minute ride into Siguatepeque. They are in need of help with her bus fair which will be $5 US each week. So, if someone would like to help with this need for $20 a month, it will be a tremendous blessing to this young lady.

Thank you all for your prayers & support! May the Lord bless you all as you serve him! More news & pictures, coming soon, Lord willing!

Update: Siade has been covered! Pray for two sponsors for Angel still.

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