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Child Sponsorship


We have started sponsorship for our kids and we just wanted to give you all some details! The Lord has allowed us to take in several children, provide them a home, see them come back to health, and learn how to accept love. We also help a few children during the days full-time and buy formula, food, and more for another little guy who lived with us for nine months.

Their special needs make this expensive and so we are in need of support. [For example: formula alone costs $144 US for just one child each month.] Will you join us in prayer? We are praying to cover the children that live with us for $150 a month. And those that we help during the days for around $50 a month.  We are currently spending in excess of $1000 per month to care for these five children, please pray about helping!

For those interested in supporting we will be sending out updates three times a year of the progress the children make. If you would like to donate by debit card, you can use our Square Cash account here, no charge to you or us. (This service does not require you to sign up for an account.)

First, please pray with us for these funds! Next, should the Lord allow you to help or if you have questions you can comment below or email us at When you email we will give you more details. The amount of the monthly donation is totally up to you… tho we would like a heads up of how much.

Thank you for your interest in the Lord’s work here in Honduras. He ALONE is worthy of our ALL.

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