David Is Healing Thanks to Prayer!

I just wanted to put something up about David’s operation and thank everyone that prayed.

It was an emergency operation and I didn’t have time to contact everyone.  But we are thankful for everyone that prays for our family.  If you were praying for the Snyders last week, you did not know it, but, God was using your prayers to care for David.   Thank You!

David developed a swelling on a part of his body that Dawn became very concerned about and when I looked at it I decided we need to find a doctor fast.  So on the afternoon of last Wednesday we headed to the Centro de Especialidades Médicas de Siguatepeque.  When the intern on duty looked at it he called for a surgeon.  When the surgeon looked at it he said we must operate immediately or the blood circulation in that area could be cut off.

One hour later little David was wheeled into the surgical theater and anesthetized.  The surgery took about 45 min. and he needed about 5 min. to recover and then he was off and talking about mile a minute.  He explained everything that they did to him in surgery, he explained the port in his hand, what the nurse did, how Linda needed to see his port, and how he needed to tell her about the hospital and what it was like. etc. etc.

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