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Duplex Kidney

We would like to ask you all to pray with us for our little guy, Javier (not his real name, for safety).  We have been privileged to care for him for almost a year, since the death of his mother.  Last week I took him in to our doctor because he had, as was confirmed, a urinary track infection.  This week we returned to pick up the results to his testing and were informed he has a Duplex Kidney. 

We were blessed to be refereed to a specialist in the big city of San Padro Sula, about two hours drive from us.  So, Monday we will be taking him down there for further examination and possibly testing.  This little man has handled all the tests, waiting in lines and doctor visits amazingly thus far.  Please pray for Javier, safety as we go, wisdom for the doctor, and the funds that will be needed for this.

Thank you, and we will be back next week with an update, Lord willing. 

Jillian Snyder

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