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Needs of Pure Words Mission

The Ted Snyder family & their mission exist on your generous donations. Below is a list of needs that can be provided via cash. Also, a list of things you could send from the USA, contact us for details.

Property in El Achiote

  • 501c3 ministry paperwork ($3,000) FIRST PRIORITY
  • Property in El Achiote ($16,000 still needed)
  • A Well ($4,800)
  • Electricity to the Property ($3,000)

Some Weekly Expenses

  • Diapers ($38 each week)
  • Baby Wipes ($18 for five children)
  • Formula ($36 US for baby Moises)
  • Water – for household/washing needs because we get very little water from the city ($50 for 250gal)

Medical Expenses

  • Ensure – A vitamin infused milk ($68 per a month)
  • Multi-Vitamins ($30 a month)
  • Typical Doctor Visit ($20)

Ministry Expenses

  • Paper for Tracts, we print our own ($4 for 1,000 tracts)
  • Toner Cartridge ($50)
  • Crayons for Children’s Ministries ($3 for a 24 pack) (4 needed)


  • Money for 8 new pairs of shoes
  • Spanish Children’s Books ($2-3 a piece)
  • Bibs ($1.50 each, 5 needed)

Needs from the USA

  • Children’s Allergy Relief
  • Women’s Multi Vitamins
  • Children’s Multi Vitamins
  • Chew-able Vitamin C
  • Gauze Rolls
  • Garlic Pills
  • Adult Probiotics
  • Artemisia Combination
  • D3
  • Pau D’ Arco


  • Toddler Wooden Puzzles
  • 48-500 piece Puzzles (more needed)
  • Crayola Crayons
  • King James Verse coloring books
  • Spanish Coloring books
  • Flavored Essences for cooking
  • Italian Seasoning packages

To Donate:

You can use the address below or ‘Donate Today’ button above.

Address for Donations for Tax Write off:

Word for the World, P.O. Box 849, Rossville, GA 30741, USA

Mark Donations for items listed about or “general needs” or “Pure Words Mission” (for the property).

Email us questions at