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Needs of Pure Words Mission

The Ted Snyder family & their mission exist on your generous donations. Below is a list of needs that can be provided via cash. Also, a list of things you could send from the USA, contact us for details.

Property in El Achiote

  • Property in El Achiote ($16,000 still needed)
  • A Well ($4,800)
  • Electricity to the Property ($3,000)

Some Weekly Expenses

  • Diapers ($38 each week)
  • Baby Wipes ($18 for five children)
  • Formula ($36 US for baby Moises)
  • Water – for household/washing needs because we get very little water from the city ($50 for 250gal)

Medical Expenses

  • Ensure – A vitamin infused milk ($68 per a month)
  • Multi-Vitamins ($30 a month)
  • Typical Doctor Visit ($20)

Ministry Expenses

  • Paper for Tracts, we print our own ($4 for 1,000 tracts)
  • Toner Cartridge ($50)
  • Crayons for Children’s Ministries ($3 for a 24 pack) (4 needed)


  • Spanish Children’s Books ($2-3 a piece)
  • Bibs ($1.50 each, 5 needed)

Needs from the USA

  • Children’s Allergy Relief
  • Women’s Multi Vitamins
  • Children’s Multi Vitamins
  • Chew-able Vitamin C
  • Gauze Rolls
  • Garlic Pills
  • Adult Probiotics
  • Artemisia Combination
  • D3
  • Pau D’ Arco


  • 48-500 piece Puzzles (more needed)
  • Crayola Crayons
  • King James Verse coloring books
  • Spanish Coloring books
  • Flavored Essences for cooking
  • Italian Seasoning packages

To Donate:

You can use the address below or ‘Donate Today’ button above.

Address for Donations for Tax Write off need to go to our mission board:

Word for the World, P.O. Box 849, Rossville, GA 30741, USA

Email us questions at