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Hope for Their Futures

Hopelessness is written on their faces. Today a small goal excites them, and tomorrow it’s gone.  They aren’t expected to study or achieve much, because their grandparents and their parents, were never expected to achieve much.  It is a cycle of poverty.  In-fact, only 54% of teenagers 12 to 18 (college age) will do studies of any sort.  The ones that do continue their education are the well off young people who have parents to help them.  But the other half will often never even dream of getting past sixth grade; if they are blessed to even go to school.

This lack of purpose in their lives leaves them with idle days. The young ladies of the mountain towns will generally have work while those of the cities resort to begging and other unseemly ways of getting money.  Their parents will push them to grow up and leave, as well.  Around 40% of girls will have one or more children by the age of 19. In our city there are multiple mothers who are only 12, 13, and 14 years old.

They NEED Jesus!

There are so many more problems than we can explain in one post!  But, we know the God who can and will change lives!  Will you pray with us?

This month we started a meeting for the teen girls of one community here. We are working on some memory verses, a lesson time, and then a craft of fun activity!  Fun can be good, they need to know that there are ways to enjoy an evening without getting in trouble.  We hope they will learn this!

Dawn gave her testimony this first week.  She then told of her invitation to Sunday School, how the Lord saved her soul at the age of 10, and changed her life forever.  How He made it possible for her to wait for a man who knew the Lord and would love her as God intended.


This is our prayer for these girls.  Will you pray for the Lord to speak to their hearts?  To save their souls?  To bring along more young ladies?  And for the Lord to give us wisdom in teaching?

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