Lord, What’s Going on Here?

I know this will sound crazy to some people, but as I have been praying for baby H I have asked God let her come to Him if that would fit his will for her. It has been difficult to watch as this baby has been rejected for real care and we have not been allowed to actually help her ourselves.

The bad news is, she is now in a Catholic orphanage because DINAF (Dirección de Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia) has taken her from Yorleny. We have visited her twice in this orphanage and they really do not want us there. The first time Dawn held her for about 10 minutes and she seemed very dazed and disoriented. The second time we were only allowed to see her laying in her bed for 3 minutes. She has lost a lot of hair on the back of her head and when we went inside the orphanage we could see why. The babies have to spend most of their day in a crib because there are not enough workers to hold them. The toddlers are simply locked in a room with toys. On our first visit we were able to play with five toddlers while we waited for them to bring H out. None of those toddlers knew how to play with a ball!

It was obvious to me that this orphanage is simply an incubator for children that will be trained to worship “the mother church.” The nun in charge told us that they need to keep her for one year to get her stable?

Please pray that the devil will get his hands off this baby and that H will be able to grow up to worship the God of creation and his Christ.

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