Missionary Ted Snyder & Family


We are Independent Baptist missionaries serving the Lord in the Republic of Honduras, as seen on this website. We have been here since 2014 and have been blessed to see God’s hand working from the salvation of souls to the physical salvation of dying children. The Lord has been good and we are looking forward to whatever he has in store for tomorrow and the coming days.

Before the Lord led us to Honduras we served Christ for four years in the country of New Zealand.  During that time we saw souls saved, families restored, and Christians recommit their lives to Christ. We had 300+ children come through our Bible Club, most of whom were Maori, native New Zealanders.  Quite a few of these children accepted Christ despite the great opposition from family and friends.  We were blessed to start a thriving Bible study at the University of Auckland where two men surrendered to preach the gospel and many others were saved.  These ministries have been handed over to other brothers in New Zealand.  We are very thankful that our Lord allowed us to work for him in New Zealand. Acts 8:4

We returned to the United States in 2013, because we were unable to renew our visa.  In December 2013 as we were still unable to obtain the needed visas and as I was praying my pastor came to me and asked me to consider changing my field to Honduras.  I was certain he was wrong, that the Lord could not use me and mine in Honduras, but I agreed to pray.  After two days of prayer I was impressed by the Spirit to see Honduras.   Several of us made a trip down to see the country for a few weeks.  As I prayed in Honduras and served in the ministry of brother missionary Ronnie Doss, the Lord spoke to my heart that this is where he wanted me and my family to serve Him.

Over the last few years the Lord has blessed and we have seen our first church started, two weekly children’s Bible club started,  English classes assisted, souls saved, Bibles distributed, physical heath care provided, and the preaching of the Word of God in many towns.  Along with that we have welcomed several young children into our home as family and have assisted other children part time in many different areas.

The Lord is always faithful and we pray to be faithful to him.  Pray for us as we bring the Pure Words of Jesus Christ to these lost and dying souls.