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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! A chance to give to those in need. Would you join us in prayer about raising funds for medical costs this Tuesday?

Medical costs are a HUGE part of ministry in a third-world-country! Weekly needs are presented to us. This week we need new inhalers for two of our Honduran kids, these are $70 US each. Every month around $50 is spent for special drinks for one malnourished child. Monthly maintenance meds for asthmatic children. A $200 emergency ambulance ride bill for this tinny one. (Who is now in better health. Praise the Lord!) One girl with six teeth that need fillings, another with two, another with five. And, there is more…

Would you reach out to these people in need and give this Tuesday? Every penny will be used to meet these medical needs and others of those poor, abandoned, and orphaned here in Honduras!

Donations can be made via paypal to


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