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Prayer Requests

The Lord blessed 2017 and we look forward to what 2018 will hold for the ministry here in Honduras!

Please continue to pray for the political situation here in Honduras. The protests are scheduled to restart on the fifth and expected to be worse then before. Above is a picture of the road from San Pedro to our town of Siguatepeque. Almost the whole road was this way this past month with fires and protests along it. Please keep Honduras in your prayers. 

We could also use prayer for our financial needs at this time. Because of the protests navigating the roads is very hard for the truckers and so they haven’t been able to deliver on time. This has caused the prices on food to rise here. 

That is glass all over the highway that everyone must drive through. In the background you can see a burnt out tractor trailer; one of many burnt trucks, smaller delivery trucks, and millitary vehicles. 

Also, we ask you to pray for us this week and next as we will be holding two VBS’s in two different communities. Pray for these children as they come to learn about Salvation, understand it, and accept the Lord Jesus! 

Thank you for your prayers. May the Lord bless your 2018!

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