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VBS – La Crucita

This past week we held a Vacation Bible School in the aldea of La Crucita. La Crucita is a small town of only a few houses. Some men from our church that live there passed out the fliers and kids walked from their homes on the mountain side around. Some quite a ways. We started with 25 kids and had 40 on our last day (there were also many adults who came and listened to the lesson each day. Praise the Lord.). 

We taught each day a few of the ten commandments. Followed by teaching the saving grace of God. The children listened well, learned new songs and memory verses. Pray that these seeds will continue to take root in these people’s hearts. 

Verse memorization with Emmaline and Malachi.

The little ones were happy to just play on the new playground at the community center built by the community this past year.

Hermano Bernabe teaching.

The girls playing musical chairs. 

Linda with some new friends!

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