Saturday Morning Witnessing in Siguatepeque

Matthew witnessing to these boys.We had planned to return to the mountains Saturday to continue our door to door ministry there, but the Lord brought many thousands of the folks from the mountains to our front door, so to speak.  So we just had to go to el centro de Siguatepeque and we found thousEzra passing out tracts.ands of people from all over the area enjoying the Festival de las Flores.

So we took the whole family downtown in the morning and passed out tracts till we ran out.  We spent a little time watching the parade which had some very beautiful flowers, then we returned home for some lunch and more tracts.

JillianWith Matthew leading, the team of teens headed back downtown for a couple more hours of witnessing and tracting.  In all we were able get about 5500 little witnesses into the hands of people that we normally see only once in a great while as our normal 4-6 hour trip into the mountains only yields a handful of personal witnesses and a few hundred tracts distributed.  I was able to witness to one man that used to live in Florida since his english was about as good as my Spanish we were able to communicate.


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