School Children Sponsorship

 Help a Child go to School!



Your gift of $8.80 will provide a backpack and all the school supplies one of these children need to start their next year of school. Many families in Siguatepeque, Honduras hardly have funds to send their children to school let alone provide all of the necessary school supplies.

Last year we were blessed to provide 40 children with stocked backpacks, with YOUR help. THANK YOU. This year we are praying for more, and also a local school supply store is helping this year. So a backpack full of supplies will cost only $8.80 US per a child. This is YOUR opportunity to bless these children and help them with their coming year of school.







To Donate & help these children with their education use one of the following ways! $20 US will provide a new backpack & all needed school supplies!

  1. via paypal. Email to use is,
  2. via debtcard. Use this link ($PureWords) and don’t forget to say it’s for the School Children.
  3. Cash – if you are near our home church you can get cash to Julie or Amy Reynolds.

To send checks or any other questions please contact us at:

THANK YOU for blessing there children & placing smiles on their faces!

This is a one time donation/fund raiser.