School Children Sponsorship


YOU can give a needy Honduran child the Gift of education. 

Your gift of $20 will provide a backpack and all the school supplies one of these children need to start their next year of school. By giving them the gift of education YOU give them a chance to know Jesus and have a better future. The school year for these sweet kids begins in January, so please help us help them get to school.

To Donate & help these children with their education use one of the following ways! $20 US will provide a new backpack & all needed school supplies!

  1. via paypal. Email to use is,
  2. via debtcard. Use this link ($PureWords) and don’t forget to say it’s for the School Children.
  3. Cash – if you are near our home church you can get cash to Julie or Amy Reynolds. 

To send checks or any other questions please contact us at:

THANK YOU for blessing there children & placing smiles on their faces!

This is a one time donation/fund raiser.