We have been very blessed the last couple months in many areas of our ministries here in Siguatepeque.

In April our Linda came and asked me to tell her how to be saved. She already knew all the verses and all the answers but she simply needed daddy to kneel with her while she asked the Lord to forgive her sins. Also, in April, a young lady communicated with us via WhatsApp that she had read one of our tracts and had received forgiveness for her sins.

Then the first week of May, as we were concluding our Wednesday night service, Juan Jose showed up. After everyone had left he and I sat down and talked about his need for a Saviour and after about 45 min. in the scriptures he desperately wanted to ask for his sins to be forgiven.

Then this past week we were blessed to visit with a Catholic family in Tierra Blanca. This was upon request from Anselma’s grandson who lives in the states and attends a Baptist Church there. Anselma, her grandson Marvin, and another lady heard the whole gospel in their lounge and were left with John and Romans. Pray for these to put their faith in Jesus.

I am still amazed every time I witness the Lord working on souls to draw them to him, and that he let’s us be his tool to do that work. Praise ye the Lord!

Ted Snyder

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