Yorleny and Baby H

IMG_0013This is H, a baby of one year old who weighs 9.5lb. We have known her and her mother for two months and about a month ago her mother came to us asking for formula. We purchased that but in seeing that this was making no difference and the baby was loosing weight we took her to a private hospital. Upon seeing her the doctor said it was shocking she wasn’t dead yet, which is what we were thinking as well. She gave us a referral for San Felipe Hospital in Tegu and recommended we take her in first thing in the morning. So today we left at 4:30am and we took her to San Felipe. After four hours of talking with doctors, nurses, and social workers she was admitted to the hospital. She will be there at least two months, as of right now, and we will continue to care for her and her mother because as of right now there is no family involved at all. We will return Monday. Pray for H and her mother, Yorleny.

Update a Couple Days Later…

Please continue to pray for H her fever is gone and she has gained 300gm.  But there is a long distance between where this baby is and where she should be.

Most babies are crawling proficiently or walking by one year, this one is just learning to sit up.

Thank you for your prayers for this little one.

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